Mesej dari sahabat kita mengenai kesan boikot keatas Denmark.

Great news

Hope you all know about the Denmark Newspaper who made fun upon our loving Prophet and till now they never regret… let us make them regret for all time…

The Denmark ambassador, prime minister and Denmark channel they all try to do something just to stop the boycott made by Muslims last month, by which their losses has reached to 2 billion Euro. If we continue to boycott Denmark products after 7 months it could reach around 40 billion Euro's destruction.

Dear brothers, please spread the news to all your friends you know in order to rise up our spirit and warning Denmark and other hostile nations towards Islam, we Muslim are united and not easy to break against any one who think to harm or insult Almighty's message peace be upon him.

Believers do not let this message stop in your PC.

سفير الدنمارك ورئيس الوزراء والقناة الدنماركية يسعون إلى ايقاف المقاطعة
والتي وصلت الخسائر ولله الحمد إلى 2 مليار يورو وإذا استمرت المقاطعة فتصل
بعد 7 اشهر إلى 40 مليار ! يورو
• إنشر لرفع المعنويات وليعلموا قدر غيرتنا على ديننا.
• إنشرها ولاتبخل على الرسول صلى الله علية وسلم.!


Teruskan memboikot barangan Denmark.
sekian, wassalam

Ihsan dari - http://al-ahkam.net/home/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=84953


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